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This website has been redesigned so you can have more visibility with all technology devices. If you open it and it won't display well on your ipad or on your phone feel free to click on Contact Us and send us the screenshot so we can always fix it.

Mauri to Mount Systems

Mount Systems is a web design and hosting company based in Kiribati that has been around since 2009. We design standards compliant web sites that are accessible and search engine friendly. Whether you are after a small web presence or a fully featured content management system, we can do it. To be able to serve you better here is our four main focus in designing your website.

1. Simplicity
Take away all the headaches about designing your website. Give it to us and we will do it for you. We have been designing websites for small businesses and individuals for over 5 years, and let us do it for you from start to finish and we'll deliver the result your have been waiting for.
2. Low Cost Design Options
We have a low staff which means we can design a website for almost any budget. You can pick a ready-made template, or request a custom design, but either way you’ll get a site worth more than you pay for it
3. Content Management System
We design most sites using content management system called Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. With those three cms you can edit your content any time, with any browser. It is open source, which means it is free, reliable, and secure. We'll even train you how to use it so you won't have to rely on us to keep your content fresh.
4. Personal Service
We take the time to understand your needs, your business, and your message. Creating fantastic websites isn’t a job for us, it’s our passion.

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